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  • Q: Can anyone come and curl?

  • Q: Can I book a group rental for a company activity?

  • Q: I've never curled before, will someone show me how?

    If you are renting ice for recreational curling we can provide an instructor for a flat fee of $25.

  • Q: Do I need special equipment to curl?

    You just need clean, indoor sneakers and warm clothing, we'll supply the rest.

  • Q: What if I want to learn to curl?

    See our Learn to Curl Program Here

  • Q: I am a curler looking to join a league. What are my options?

    See our league list Here


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Curl Moncton
80 Lockhart Ave, Moncton, N.B.
358 Lutz Street, Moncton, N.B.
Phone:(506) 857-4285
Fax: (506) 857-4286
Email: info@curlmoncton.ca
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Interested in Curling?

Are you interested in becoming a member of Curl Moncton? New to curling? Check out Curling Basics to learn the basics about our favorite sport. View our League Description page for more information or email us with your questions.

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