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Curl Moncton is an amalgamation of the rich curling history of Moncton, New Brunswick. We cater to all ages and skill levels offering leagues, camps, and programs for beginning to advanced curlers, from Little Rocks to Seniors.


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The merging of Curling Beauséjour with Wedgewood Hall in 2009 increased revenue and elevated the image and ability to compete in the catering business. As volume increased, Curling Beauséjour was faced with having to satisfy the demands of new curlers and catering opportunities, necessitating the need to begin partnership discussions with the Beaver Curling Club.

During this same period, the Moncton business scene changed with the influx of significantly more national and regional businesses. This impacted the membership profile of the Beaver Club. Many company owners and influential senior officers that once were the backbone of the Beaver Club were replaced by professionals and office workers. Although these new members offered valuable services and volunteer time, they had more limited access to corporate resources to assist the club in its various initiatives.

Talks commenced several years ago with fellow Moncton curling officials to look at ways to streamline operations and generate efficiencies that would better meet the current marketplace.

The dialogue between the Beauséjour and the Beaver, both having specific needs that could be met through a partnership, led to the creation of Curl Moncton Inc.

Our Story

Over the Years


MCA Founded

Moncton Curlers’ Association (MCA) was founded in 1881, providing curling and social activities to the Greater Moncton Area. Curling activities included men and women, seniors, youth and high school curlers.


Beaver Curling Club Founded

In 1946, a group of approximately 20 dedicated Moncton Curling Association members met at Ralph Lister’s shoe store and decided to build Moncton’s second curling club. April 30, 1946, saw meetings at City Hall later followed by the first general meeting of shareholders in October 1946, resulting in the election of officers.


Le Cercle Acadien Created

On the 24th of April, 1947, Le Cercle Acadien was born. A Constitution was adopted and a Board of Directors elected – President, Euclide Daigle, Vice-President, Réné Léger, Secretary Émery LeBlanc and Treasurer, Jean Collette.


Beauséjour Curling Club Completed

In 1956 the Moncton curling fraternity felt it was time for another curling club in Moncton. After much organization and financial planning, members of Le Cercle Acadien initiated the construction of the Beauséjour Curling Club, completed in 1957.


Centre of Curling Excellence Created

With the Learn to Curl program, Curling Beauséjour increased from 168 members to over 400. The resulting increase in revenue enabled the upgrading of ice making equipment, curling stones, etc., and allowed the creation of theCentre of Curling Excellence in 2004. The CCE organized and carried out summer curling camps, coaching clinics and preseason practice opportunities.


Curl Moncton Expands

To further meets the needs of our membership and to increase our ability to host curling events in 2018 Curl Moncton began our expansion from 5 sheets to 10.


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