Classes & Programs

Learn to Curl

U12 (Little Rock) 

The U12 Learn to Curl program will provide under 12 youth with a foundation of the basic skills needed to play the game: balance, delivery, sweeping. Once the program is completed, the curler can register for the U12 Basic to continue developing these skills and to learn new ones.


Learn to Curl will provide six (6) weeks of basic curling skills instruction: delivery, sweeping, targeting and game play.
After six weeks, the new curler can  register as a Junior member for the remainder of the season. And $40 of the Learn to Curl fee will be credited towards the season membership. Learn to Curl “graduates” will be integrated into the Junior Basic program with two days of curling


Learn to Curl will provide eight (8) two-hour sessions once a week of basic curling skills instruction including stability and delivery, sweeping, line of delivery, grip and release and game play.

Learn to Curl “graduates” can go on to Learn to Play and/or join a regular league. A Learn to Curl discount of $40 will be applied to a regular league membership.

Learn to Play

The next step after our Learn to Curl Program Learn to Play is like a mini-league for LTC graduates. Additional instruction will make you more confident on the ice as you participate in league play similar to our regular leagues. 

what you’ll learn

Learn to Curl is designed to teach basic skills and knowledge of curling to any inexperienced curler or anyone trying curling for the first time.


The technical skills necessary to deliver a curling stone


 The technical skills of sweeping a curling stone.


The ability to place the stone where you want it to go.


The proper way to score a curling game and how your team can score points.


Curling terms and their meanings.


The etiquette of the game of curling.


Developing the mental skills necessary to play the game of curling.

Game Play

The goal of Learn to Curl, actually being able to play the game.

what to bring

  1. Please bring CLEAN, INDOOR sneakers. Shoes worn outside, including from the parking lot to the rink, will not be permitted on the ice.
  2. Wear comfortable pants with some stretch; jeans are not recommended.
  3. Wear warm, layered clothing. The temperature in the ice shed is approximately 3 Celsius.

Safety is important so head protection (eg. a helmet) is recommended and is required for ages 12 and under.