Got Questions



Have questions? We’ve got answers. If the question you have isn’t answered here please contact us by calling the club or using our contact page.

I’ve never curled before, will someone show me how?

Yes, we have an excellent team of instructors able to assist you in learning how to curl.

Our APPRENTISSAGE DU CURLING program is also specifically geared toward those wanting to learn to curl.

If you are interested in private instruction or lessons, please make sure to call ahead or message us to ensure availability.

What do I bring for curling?

So you are coming for Learn to Curl/a corporate event/a fun activity night and you’re not sure what you need? The list below is all you’ll need fr a fun evening of curling.

  1. S'il vous plait, apportez CLEAN, INDOOR des chaussures de course d'intérieur propres. Les chaussures portées à l'extérieur, y compris du stationnement à la patinoire, ne seront pas permises sur la glace.
  2. Portez des pantalons confortables avec un peu d’étirement ; les jeans ne sont pas recommandés.
  3. Portez des vêtements chauds et superposés. La température sur la surface glacée est d’environ 3 degrés Celsius.

La sécurité est importante, donc une protection de la tête (par exemple, un casque) est recommandée et est obligatoire pour les 12 ans et moins..

Des balais et des « semelles de glisse » seront disponibles pour location au bar.

Are group rentals available for parties or corporate activities?

Yes, we have several programs available for corporate and special events. See our Curling récréatif page for more info.

I’ve curled before and am looking to join a league, what are my options?

If you would like to see a list of our league programs for this curling year you can have a look HERE.

To view your membership options and applicable fees look HERE.

What if I want to learn to curl?

Our APPRENTISSAGE DU CURLING program is specifically geared toward those who are looking to learn to curl or who are desiring to improve their game. We have opportunities for all ages, including Little Rocks: Ages 6-11, Juniors: Ages 12-20, and Adults: 20+.

Can Anyone come and curl?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to come and curl with us. We have programs for everyone from absolute beginners who have never curled before to seasoned competitive curlers. We include all age groups from age 6 to age 99+.