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Curl Moncton strongly encourages its members to play an active role in the New Brunswick curling community by participating in special curling events at other clubs as well as our own, and in those that lead to the various provincial championships.  Members benefit from the enjoyment of the experience, help to nurture the sport and promote Curl Moncton.

This policy governs all curlers at Curl Moncton who are a paid-up member in good standing of one or more curling leagues at Curl Moncton.

Curl Moncton teams who win an event are requested to inform the Executive Director or a member of the Curl Moncton Board of Directors and to provide a team photograph where possible.

Curl Moncton will post the winners on our Info Screen and Social Media.

With respect to winners of a provincial event:

  • the team must be curling under the Curl Moncton banner, though they may have a player from another club
  • the team must be going to a national event
  • Curl Moncton will provide a cake at an upcoming scheduled day of play for the team
  • Curl Moncton pins will be provided for the pin card at no cost to the team
  • The team photo will be displayed on the Wall of Champions for the next curling season
  • Championship banners for teams representing Curl Moncton will be hung in the Curl Moncton ice sheds.  Banners for teams with players from Curl Moncton, but whose team is representing another club, will not be hung.

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