Little Rocks Cavendish Farm League


Curls on: Sunday and Thursday

  • Start Date: October 15, 2020
  • Age Range: Under 12
  • Recomended Experience Level: Completed Learn to Curl Program
  • League Coordinator: Tony Benoit (Click to Contact)
  • Details:

    Little Rocks Learn to Curl takes place on Mondays and begins Monday, October 19, 2020.

    Curl Moncton’s Cavendish Farms Little Rocks program is designed to introduce young children to the sport of curling and make it fun and rewarding. The program runs Thursdays and available Sundays.

    The different levels of the Little Rock program are differentiated according to age and/or mastery of the skills (6-8, 8-10, 10-11).  As the curlers gain more experience and training, periodic assessments are made on their progress.

    Equipment: own slider, head protection (helmet, Ice Halo). Curl Moncton brooms will still be available for use.

    The entire program is three-pronged:

    1. Fundamental Movement Skills (off-ice physical literacy)
    2. Fundamental Curling Skills (on-ice technical skills)
    3. Fundamental Thinking Skills (both on- and off-ice strategy/problem-solving skills)

    The program would teach the following:

      • The technical skills necessary to deliver a curling stone (half sheet and full sheet depending on age or skill)
      • The technical skills of sweeping a curling stone
      • How to score a curling game
      • The etiquette of the game
      • Player positions and responsibilities
      • How to play a game with some basic strategy pointers

    As skill develops, the program will continue to increase the challenge:

    • More emphasis on technical skills
    • More emphasis on sweeping skills
    • Weight control and the how’s
    • More game playing
    • More understanding of game strategy

    The program will increase the focus on particular areas for curlers getting ready to move on to the Junior program:

      • More emphasis on strategy
      • The importance of practice
      • The importance of nutrition
      • The importance of being in good physical shape
      • Team communication
      • Player roles
    • This group would start using regular size rocks to make the jump to the junior program easier.
    • This level of the program will provide opportunity for coaches to work with teams outside of regularly scheduled sessions

    Head Trainer: Ellery Robichaud

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