Thursday Night League


Curls on: Thursday

  • Start Date: September 26, 2019
  • Age Range: Adult + Under 21
  • Recomended Experience Level: Some Curling Experience (Less than 5 years)
  • League Coordinator: Sam Forestell (Click to Contact)
  • Details:

    Teams will be divided into divisions (number of divisions to be determined by number of entries). Teams will play within their division over 4 rounds with the opportunity to be promoted or relegated between divisions after each round. At the conclusion of the final round, prizes will be awarded to the top teams in each division.

    There will be a team fee of $40 to be paid within the first 3 weeks which will be used for the end of year prizes.

    This year, the league will use a “skins” scoring format. This will be played as follows:
    The ends will be played the in the same way as normal curling, only the scoring will be different: Every end is worth 1 point. If the team with hammer scores 2 points or more, they earn the 1 point. If the team without hammer steals any points, that team will earn the point. If the end is blanked or the team with hammer only scores 1 point, the end is carried over and the next end is worth 2 points. The team that wins the most ends wins the game and will earn 10 points in the season standings. Every end a teams wins will also count 1 point towards the season standings. Be sure to mark you game result (including scores) at the end of every game.

    This is a team entry league but if you are an individual looking to play, please send me your name and I will do my best to find you a team to play with or start out on our spare list.