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Membership Fees

Below is the fees structure for the 2018-2019 season.

1. Single regular league OR single special league choices will be invoiced by the cost of the individual league.

2. Single regular league PLUS a special league will be invoiced by the cost of the single league plus the cost of the special league.

3. WEEKDAY MEMBERSHIP includes two or more regular DAYTIME leagues plus the option to spare in any DAYTIME league

4. RECREATIONAL EVENING MEMBERSHIP includes two or more RECREATIONAL leagues plus the option to spare in any RECREATIOINAL or SPECIAL EVENING leagues. It does not include playing or sparing in an evening competitive league.

5. FULL MEMBERSHIP includes the two evening competitive league plus ANY and ALL other Curl Moncton leagues plus the option to spare in ANY and ALL Curl Moncton leagues.

6. Members with single league or single + special league membership are subject to spare fees for play in other leagues as stated in the Curl Moncton spare policy at $13 per game for daytime leagues and $15 per game for evening leagues.

7. Non-members of Curl Moncton are subject to spare fees for any games played.

8. Pay per Game option includes flat membership fee of $55 and per game fee of $13 per game for daytime leagues and $15 per game for evening leagues.

9. Practice fee will not be discounted.

10. Shareholders will still receive $55 off the cost of their membership.

11. A “Snowbird Discount” of 66% of regular league fees will be applied to members who will be gone two or more months of the season.


League Price: with HST
Little Rocks
Little Rock/Junior Learn to Curl $34.78 $40.00
Little Rock Basic $139.13 $160.00
Junior Learn to Curl $34.78 $40.00
Junior Basic $217.39 $250.00
Junior Advanced (Team Development) $304.35 $350.00
Junior Advanced +One Adult League $391.30 $450.00
Day Leagues
Day League (choice of ONE day league) $260.87 $300.00
Ben Lavigne, Day Ladies, Tuesday M&M, Wednesday Furliners, Thursday Morning, Thursday Afternoon
WEEKDAY MEMBERSHIP (two or more daytime leagues + spare any day leagues) $413.04 $475.00
Special Leagues – Daytime
Stick Curling $130.43 $150.00
Sturling $65.22 $75.00
Stick Curling + Sturling Combo $173.91 $200.00
Competitive Evening Leagues
Retirement Planning Services Tuesday League $304.35 $350.00
Superstore Thursday Evening League $304.35 $350.00
FULL MEMBERSHIP (two competitive evening leagues + ANY additional leagues + spare ANY leagues) $543.48 $625.00
Recreational Evening Leagues
Sunday Night League $260.87 $300.00
Rookie League $260.87 $300.00
Aliant League or Wednesday Night Mixed $260.87 $300.00
RECREATIONAL EVENING MEMBERSHIP (two or more recreational leagues + spare in any recreational or special evening league) $456.52 $525.00
Special Leagues – Evening
Moncton Pride $TBD $TBD
Mixed Doubles $65.22 $100.00
Friday Fun League $173.91 $100.00
(Price per 8-week bonspiel; one in the fall, one in the spring)
Social Membership/Per Game or Social Non-curling $47.83 $55.00
Per Game: Day (plus Social Membership) $11.30 $13.00
Per Game: Night (plus Social Membership) $13.04 $15.00
Practice $86.96 $100.00

Please note that the monthly fee option will be divided among 12 monthly payments beginning with October 1 and ending September 30.

* Monthly Direct Withdrawal Application forms available HERE

*** There will be a late payment fee of 1.5% per month

Additional Information Regarding Membership Fees

If you are paying online through PayPal a fee of 3% + $0.30 will be added to your Membership fee.

Membership type and applicable fees are determined by when and how much you curl.

Your Curl Moncton membership payment is due by October 31. A late payment fee of 1.5% per month will be applied for payments after October 31.

A fee of $40 will be charged in addition to any bank charges for items returned as NSF.

Curl Moncton

  • 80 Lockhart Ave
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • E1C 3B8
  • Phone: (506) 857-4285
  • Fax: (506) 857-4286
  • info@curlmoncton.ca

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