COVID & Curling (Jan 28, 2022)

Edited: January 28, 2022

We have recently been receiving a lot of calls and emails with the following questions and realized it would be a good idea to put this up on the website for everyone to have access to.

Are we still able to curl under the current restrictions?

YES. Because we require proof of vaccination to curl, we are considered a “controlled environment” and can continue to curl with, of course, masks in the lounge, hand hygiene, social distancing as much as possible, etc. **Please read the Communicable Disease Prevention Plan found in the link below for full information on curling guidelines and protocols.**

Do we have to wear masks on the ice under the current restrictions?

YES; however, a sweeper may lower their mask when actually sweeping. Masks MUST also be worn in the lounge unless seated at the team tables.

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