Policy Binders

You are invited to complete a survey that will assist Curl Moncton in making important decisions regarding the operation of the club going forward. The Board realizes that in order to become financially viable operational changes are necessary, but, it is critical that those changes reflect the needs of the membership. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to complete this survey.

Survey – Curl Moncton Survey 2021
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When you register for a league are you paying for: *

Recreational curlers pay a fee for the use of the ice and do not volunteer or participate in the governance of the club.

Members of Curl Moncton pay a membership fee to use the club facilities; they support the club by volunteering for various roles and responsibilities and participating in the governance of the club.

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When joining a league do you join as: *
How much flexibility would you like your curling leagues to have? *
What leagues are you most interested in: *

Singles curling involves a series of commonly played shots, with each shot being scored against predetermined criteria.

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If you took Learn to Curl and/or Learn to Play, did you or will you join a league? *
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How would you rate the facilities (i.e.: parking, locker rooms, washrooms, etc.)? *