COVID Level Orange

Please read to the bottom as you must take appropriate decisions and actions:

Public Health has increased the restrictions for Orange Level curling clubs which effectively eliminates league play.  Effective immediately, Curl Moncton will be closed until Friday, December 4th.  This will allow Curl Moncton time to either reopen at the Yellow Level should the province make such an announcement on Thursday, or, put in place the new protocols now governing curling clubs operating in Orange Level zones.

The new restrictions for Orange level curling are as follows:

  • Game-like practice is allowed but must not count toward league standings, etc
  • Masks must be worn at all times. Although it is strongly encouraged that a mask be worn while sweeping, exception will be made for sweeping only if it is deemed a risk (poor oxygenation)
  • Two teams of 4 can be assigned to each other for game-like practices (for a total of 8 individuals).  This cohort of 8 must maintain physical distancing, is not interchangeable and must be kept consistent for the duration of the Orange Alert level.

What happens if we remain at the Orange Level after December 3, 2020:

  • Members may continue to play during their scheduled league time ONCE per week.  Members who play in more than one league will have to choose one time per week at which to curl.
  • Members must inform each of their league coordinators whether they will play in their league or not.  

How we will proceed at the Orange Level:

  • League coordinators will determine which two teams will play each other for the duration of time that the Moncton region remains at the Orange Level.
  • League coordinators will make every effort to ensure that the teams that play each other are well balanced to maximize everyone’s playing enjoyment.
  • The bar may remain open, in accordance with the guidelines from Public Health which state “Clubhouse that operates a restaurant/bar can open provided they meet Worksafe NB restrictions”.

What happens if we revert to the Yellow Level after December 3, 2020?

  • Curl Moncton reverts to the protocols contained in its COVID-19 Operational Plan, based on the provincial guidelines for sports and recreation. 
  • Curl Moncton will inform members of any additional, revised or amended protocols, as issued by the province, before return to play.