Social Distance

We’re two weeks into the curling season and most people appear to be getting the hang of the new protocols.  Just remember, the whole purpose is to keep everyone physically distanced while on the ice.  Some simple reminders:

  • There are no bubbles permitted in sport; always keep a minimum of six feet apart, even if you share a bubble with the other people on your team.
  • The delivering team moves down center ice; the non-delivering team moves down the sidelines with the dots embedded in the ice.
  • No one should ever be on the side of the ice without the dots unless you are sweeping the rock from that side.  In that case, make sure that you are physically distanced from the people on the adjacent ice.
  • There should only be one person on the backboards at any time.  If thirds join their skip on the backboard, stay physically distanced.
  • Following delivery of your rocks, it is best that you are the non-sweeper.  Following the proper rotation of players, when it is your team’s turn to deliver a rock you can then return to the backboards to retrieve your equipment.  This is difficult for the thirds so they should make sure to be physically distanced when returning to the backboards to retrieve their equipment.
  • When your game is over be patient to leave the ice, do not congregate on the backboards to gather your belongings unless everyone is wearing a mask.  

Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.  You are encouraged to help the people on your sheet who are having trouble with the protocols.

We understand that it is easy to forget to follow the protocols when immersed in the action on the ice.  However, people who continuously choose not to follow the protocols will first be given a warning and then may be asked to leave the ice shed.  

We must protect each other by following the protocols.  We do not want to have to make masks mandatory in the ice shed so thank you for doing everything to avoid that possibility.