Great news for Curl Moncton curlers! Curling New Brunswick, in consultation with the province, has advised that curling clubs in Orange zones may reopen although for league play only. While Moncton remains orange, special events, such as bonspiels that draw people from other communities, are not permitted.

Masks are mandatory in the ice shed at all times, with one exception. The person sweeping may lower their mask while sweeping the rock but must raise it immediately when they have finished sweeping. 

You may still enjoy a beverage after the game as long as you fully respect the physical distancing requirements, however, we ask that you not linger in the club afterwards. We are now limited to how many may be in the building at the same time so we need to leave so others may enter.

Further, unless you are curling, you should not be in the club. The exception is volunteers critical to the operation of the club who must sign in and follow all other protocols. If you have a need to enter the club outside of your scheduled curling, please call and make an appointment.

A parent of a junior/little rock curler will be allowed in the building while their child is on the ice as long as they continue to respect all of the protocols and to ensure that on league nights they leave the facility right away to make way for arriving curlers.

Anyone deemed to be ignoring the protocols will be asked to leave the building.

Thank you everyone, for following the revised protocols which are designed to keep us all safe.  We should all follow the advice of Dr. Jennifer Russell: act like you have the virus and everyone around you does too!