Grey Metal Lockers

Please note the rental fee for lockers has been reduced to an annual rate of $40.00.  The fee for the balance of this season will be $20.00.  Those members who have paid the higher rate will receive a club credit that may be used against any club expense.

The Curl Moncton Board of Directors would like to express its appreciation to the group of members who brought their concerns about the locker rental fees to the Board.  A constructive dialogue provided much needed feedback to the Board and allowed the Board to respond accordingly.

Under the revised Locker Policy, 56 lockers will be available for rent to club members in the men’s locker room and 28 lockers in the women’s locker room.  Members will be able to apply to rent a locker on the on-line registration form at the beginning of the curling season.  A half-year rental will also be available for $25.00 on the on-line registration form.  Lockers will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Members will be required to empty their lockers at the end of each year and re-apply for a locker at the beginning of the next season to allow everyone an equal opportunity to rent a locker.