Spare Policy

Effective as of 2017-2018 Season

Curl Moncton Inc., with the approval of the Board of Directors, will institute the following spare policy, effective as of the 2017-2018 curling season:

  • Anyone who pays for two or more night leagues or two or more day leagues may spare anytime during the day or night without additional charge.
  • Anyone registered to play only one night league or only one day league must register as a spare and pay the spare fee if they wish to be on spare list for any other league play.
  • Anyone may spare within their own, registered league at any time without additional cost.
  • Anyone not registered to play for a specific league may register as a spare and pay the Social Membership fee of $55 and the $13/$15 spare fee per game played.
  • Spares are encouraged to register on the Curl Moncton website’s spare list, and teams are encouraged to check this list for spares.
  • Spare fees are as follows: $13 for day play and $15 for night play.

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