Volunteer Tokens Policy

Volunteer Token of Appreciation

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Whereas Curl Moncton has a limited number of salaried employees, it is reliant on an active volunteer base in order to remain viable.  Its volunteers consist of both member and non-member volunteers.  This policy governs all volunteers.

Curl Moncton recognizes and appreciates the time and effort dedicated by its volunteer base and acknowledges their contributions with a “token of appreciation”.  This token is not to be construed as payment for services rendered, it is solely a means of showing the Club’s appreciation.

It is at the discretion of the volunteer as to whether to accept the token of appreciation and how to use the tokens. 

For the purpose of facilitating the use of the token(s) by the volunteers, it is necessary to affix a monetary value to the token.  A nominal amount of $3.00 has, therefore, been affixed to the token.

Tokens may be collected by volunteers and their individual or accumulated value may be applied against the cost of any Curl Moncton product or service, such as but not limited to items from the pro-shop, items from the bar, membership and special event fees.

Tokens are awarded in accordance with this policy for the purposes set forth here-in.  Tokens for any volunteer work not included in this policy must be pre-approved by the President or the Executive Director.   

There may arise situations not governed by this policy and where a token is not the appropriate form of appreciation.  Special volunteer activities may be recognized at the discretion of the activity coordinator with the approval of the President or the Executive Director.

All volunteer time must be logged; tokens will be awarded at the end of each month.  A special log will be maintained for other forms of appreciation and must be completed by the activity coordinator including the form of appreciation and the reason for which the appreciation was acknowledged.

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